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Quickly find out whether we have already addressed any questions that may be on your mind. We welcome all inquiries on matters big or small. If there is something that is on your mind that we might not have covered, please get in touch with us today! EBT E-Sports is here to help you in any and all capacities.


How Old is Grantie Really?

We believe he is the oldest gamer in the world. Some say he was born when Jesus first walked the earth. The legend foretold Grantie would

be at least the 3rd best Apex Player in Discord and probably not as good as DrDisrespect.

Does NinjaslayerGod actually masterbate in front of animals?

Jesus I sure hope not.

Is EBT E-Sports hiring new talent?

Whatever man.....

Is ScurvyDan the best pirate of all time?


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Is that some sort of OnlyFans question?

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